Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to life!

It seems our family finally has a rhythm again. We have adjusted to 4 kids and now I run errands with the 4 and it seems like it did with 3. No matter how many there are we are always a traveling circus... 3 different acts all in the spotlight and at least 1 clown in the show, all led by their ringleader.

Things are really great in my life and in our family these days. I am happy with my life and have found myself focusing more on my priorities this year and less on spinning my wheels. I have welcomed the dust bunnies for more time to play and know my kids and less time absorbed by the "little" things.

My latest "the kids are in bed what do I need to do item" is reading. Scott got me a kindle for valentine's day and I am spending more and more time on it and less and less time watching my tivo'd shows after the kids are in bed. It's great to spend time reading again. I have so many other hobbies I used to have and miss, but know in time I will have time for them again and long for the circus to return to my life...

I hear the kindle calling...


Tracy said...

Good to hear you are doing well.
The kids and I are headed you way for 3 weeks around mid-May.

Maybe we can get together when I'm there.

The Wheelers said...

I've started reading again...real books kindle yet here. I've read like 4 or 5 in the last 2 months...more than I think I did all last year...I guess that's what having Japanese TV will do for you (we get some english channels but not many...and definately no cbs, abc, nbc, watch shows on). Glad things are going well, we here are also taking time to relax and play more...I even got house cleaners :) The joys of living overseas! MISS YOU!!!!

Tracy said...

We're headed your way later this week. We'd love to come and see you and meet your beautiful family. Email me and let me know if you guys are gonna be around over the next few weeks.